Art Index

Art Index is an Australian-based art organization that has been a prominent figure in the art world since its establishment in 2007. With a mission to provide independent and comprehensive art research, as well as art sales and rental services, Art Index has become a respected player in both the Australian and South East Asian art markets. Under the capable leadership of Sacha Clemens, Art Index has successfully navigated the challenges of the art industry, including the Global Financial Crisis, to develop strong relationships with art industry experts, artists, and market pioneers.

The Art Index team is a dynamic group of individuals who have honed their skills through experiences in various fields, including alternative asset investment businesses, art investment galleries, financial services companies, design consultancy, and architectural firms. This diverse expertise has allowed Art Index to build an extensive network, enabling them to source the finest artworks that align with their rigorous internal research processes and adhere to independent valuations.

One of Art Index’s distinguishing features is its commitment to offering iconic examples of each artist’s work. They are not tied to any particular artist, be it indigenous or non-indigenous, which grants them the flexibility to cater to the unique preferences of their clients. This open-minded approach ensures that Art Index can provide a specialized service dedicated to finding distinctive artworks that perfectly match their clients’ tastes.

In recognition of its achievements, Art Index was named one of BRW magazine’s “Fast 100” emerging companies in both 2010 and 2011. The organization’s dedication to independent research, diverse expertise, and commitment to client satisfaction make Art Index a trusted name in the art market, serving as a valuable resource for art enthusiasts and investors alike.

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