Andrew Spreckley

Andrew Spreckley is a seasoned professional with over 30 years of diverse experience across State/Federal Government and private business sectors. With a solid educational background in sociology, public safety, and occupational health and safety (OHS/WHS), Andrew has honed his expertise through years of dedicated study and practical training.

His journey has been marked by remarkable contributions, including two impactful tours to Afghanistan as a NATO Contractor. These experiences have further enriched his skills and global perspective. Notably, Andrew is the proud owner of Multiradio, demonstrating his entrepreneurial spirit and leadership abilities.

Andrew’s journey to success has been characterized by his exceptional work ethic and adaptability. Even while pursuing his studies, he engaged in hands-on work as a concrete cutter in the construction industry. His dedication didn’t stop there – he also showcased his crisis management abilities by independently handling critical situations within the State of Queensland.

With his well-rounded background, wealth of experience, and strong commitment to excellence, Andrew Leslie Spreckley continues to make substantial contributions to various domains, leaving a lasting impact wherever he ventures.

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